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Entry #2

I'll animate your medical questions

2015-11-16 03:07:32 by Markface

So I've been doing med school for a little while now and thought I'd give this a go. I have a break coming up before I start up back at my uni/hospital and I've always wanted to do an animation that diagramatically depicts common medical questions I get asked. I came up with the idea after trying to explain vasovagal syncope (fainting) to a mate after he tobbled in a shopping centre a few weeks back.


So, if you have any curiosities about medicine/surgery then ask them here and I'll throw the best ones into the animation. When I say 'best' I don't necessarily mean the most interesting, but ones that people may be curious about.


Yes, even questions about dicks.


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2015-11-16 05:19:00

Tonsil stones. Perhaps dicks in relation to tonsil stones on the subject of physical removal.

Okay but seriously, I really love your work and I'm so glad you're still at it.

Markface responds:

You're such a sweetheart. :)


2015-11-16 05:37:46

Tonsil.. how about how kidney stones are formed, or what happens when spinal discs attack (press against) nerves... yeah, painful stuff needs a context |:


2015-11-16 11:04:30

If ive been severely beaten by a dick, how many band aids would it take to heal my wounds?

(yes, the dick was sharp, so i have knife wounds and shlong marks all over me)


2015-11-16 11:21:21

Goddamnit I'm not spontaneous enough for this.


2015-11-16 16:03:17

Why would I go for a huge piss than need to pee more right after


2015-11-17 06:39:44

Umm, well... I have one. Why is the immune system stupid enough to attack the body?


2015-11-17 08:00:16

How about how food turns into nutrients that are absorbed and sorted out and transported around. I don't know how the body does that, really.


2015-11-17 18:00:47

Why do males have nipples?

Why do women have hymens?

How do umbilical cords work?

Why do we have hair near our anuses?

Just a few to pick and choose from...


2015-11-17 22:26:14

Why is it hard for people to fall asleep even when they are tired?


2015-11-18 12:04:15

Causes of sleep apnea.


2015-11-19 02:43:15

Tracheotomy might be genuinely useful, or how the Heimlich maneuver works.

But blown out discs and what happens once that shit presses on the sciatic nerve... I always wondered why grown men would scream without any obvious trauma. Then 4 years ago it happened to me, and I wonder no more |: