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You've got that lazy lo-fi feeling down pat with your style, it's great. Feels a little shallow with only a couple of cuts but what we get is beautifully drawn out. Give us more.

Quality mate. Good to see a Yugioh tribute that isn't entirely smut or centered around the same 3 gags.

The work was detailed, and I love how you took on a few trippy angles as part of your work. Keep it up.

Look I don't want to sound like some high school student over analysing a copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula, but you really showed how much this election has started to resemble a reality TV show. It went from funny as fuck to depressing when I realised that this really is the political climate in a lot of countries these days.

But hey, I'm probably reading too much into it. Then again all I can do these days is read because you blew off my ears.

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Clever concept for a game, refreshingly unique. This reminded me a bit of The Stanley Parable. The game was funny, offered good replay value and genuinely spiked my curiosity throughout.

The only thing that bothered me was that it was quite short, and in the grand scheme of things didn't offer a great deal of variation in paths you could take. I feel this could have been a seriously stunning game had it been a bit more expanse in terms of what you could do. A game like The Stanley Parable worked so well because you had the freedom for exploration, or to challenge the game you were in, and within this you were limited to only a few choices. The game would have worked better if you had pre-empted what people were going to do a bit more.

Minor grammar and spelling mistakes become far more noticeable and distracting from the immersion of the game since it's solely text based.

All in all though, cracking and original idea. I can see this is only your second game and the fact that you've managed to come up with something so entertaining and unique means I'm looking forward to what you'll put out in the future. Following you now, keep it up.

Namlich responds:

Thank you for such expansive feedback. It really means a lot to me. Im glad you enjoyed the core concept of the game and my writing.

I woke up 3 days ago and this idea just popped into my head, and i've been working on it since. I got so much in doubt of the idea though. I feared that it was just too weird, and generally boring. So i decided to uploaded it, and hopefully get some honest feedback. Though, as i mentioned in the game, my mom said it was good ;) But getting more unbiased feedback is to prefer after all.

This review in particular has me considering if i should take it down, work a bit more on it and hopefully make the best out of it. Including getting some help with the grammar part, as english is not my main language unfortunately.

Getting compared to The Stanley Parable is amazing. That game is great! I will definitely work a bit more on freedom of exploration, and make your choices have an impact on the story!

Thank you for your feedback!

I tried to treat this kindly because you said it was your first game, but it really needs some work. Obviously there's very little practicality to this unless you have another person with you, so I'd recommend building in an AI opponent. If you had done that I would have scored you much higher.

Sound effects are a bit harsh on the ears. Considering they happen so often perhaps try something softer next time. Can't really judge the visuals as it's just a simple pong game made of a few pixels.

Best of luck in the future.

TheGamingNoob20 responds:

Thanks alot for your response I'll try to fix the things you said (thanks for your advice).

Not a bad game start, definitely with areas to improve but I guess it's a demo.

The game as a whole just didn't feel that polished. There were a lot of little things missing and they definitely added up while I was playing. No noticeable visual or sound effects when I stomped Goombas or Koopas, no death sounds, things like that. It just made the game feel like it wasn't acknowledging me as a player.

The actual movement of the game seems a bit choppy. Quite frustrating losing your speed once you land from a running jump. Music choice was good, even if you didn't compose it, made the game feel comfy in a way.

If you develop this into a game, try designing your own characters. The game looks promising if you can polish it off a bit and it'd be a pain if you lost credit towards your work because you used pre-designed characters.

Keep it up.

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

Thank you.

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Well polished track. Not too distracting with good choice of instruments used. Nice work.

I really like this. Beat suits your tone nicely, not too distracting or over the top. Lyrics were intricate and easy to nod your head to. Will be checking out your other stuff.

ABRYZ responds:

thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Loving on this track. Really upbeat little medley you have going here. The slower (seriousness part as you called it) run in the middle breaks it up nicely.

The ending is a bit sudden and harsh but that doesn't take away from how nice this is. Top work.

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Your talent disgusts me

rainwalker007 responds:

lol best complement ever :D

Onward, my steed!

This is fucking magical.


I would of enjoyed Alien Hominid a hell of a lot more if it were even half as fabulous as this picture.


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